The TTS Global Initiative

Pioneering the effort to ensure that world class innovation is brought to the market.

Founded in 2007, the TTS Global Initiative is the premier international Think Tank and platform bringing together Key Opinion Leaders from all of the critical stakeholders involved in biomedical sector healthcare technology transfer, broadly defined.

The TTS Global Initiative has one primary objective: to foster innovation in healthcare by accelerating the translation of world-class life sciences and biomedical research from the lab to the patient and the market.

While we run a number of activities, all of them revolve around one central principal; that the best way to foster innovation is to bring together Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Decision-Makers from all the stakeholder groups in healthcare innovation. To achieve this, the TTS Global Initiative, run by TTS Ltd (a Limited Liability Company), functions as both a Think Tank and Action Committee, bringing together all of those who have an important role to play, or stake in, the more efficient translation of research. Either through interactive engagement at our Summits under the Chatham House rule, or the showcasing of technology offerings via our proprietary Innovation Bank, or indeed attendance at our invitation-only seminars, our fundamental aim is to encourage and instigate real business opportunity.