The following are among those confirmed for the TTS North America 2017.

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  • Erwin Johnston – Vice President, Corporate Business Development, Eli Lilly & Co, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Mark Rohrbaugh – Special Advisor to the Director, NIH
  • Charles Baltic – Managing Director, Needham&Co (tbc)
  • Carlo Rizzuto – Partner, Versant Ventures (tbc)
  • Sanjeev Munshi –  Director Business Development & Licensing, Search & Evaluation Lead, Merck
  • Peter Reikes – Vice Chairman of Healthcare Investment, Stifel Nicolaus Weise
  • Erik Lium – Senior Vice President, Mount Sinai Innovation Partners
  • Ofra Weinberger – Director of Licensing, Columbia Technology Ventures; Columbia University
  • Brian Kelly – Director, Technology Transfer, Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Kevin Noonan – Partner, MBHB; Editor & Co-Founder, Patentdocs
  • Jack Po – AIMInd, Google
  • John Anthes –  Director, Thomas O. Daniel Research Incubator and Collaboration Center, Celgene (tbc)
  • John Trainer – Vice-President, Head of Partnering & Strategy, MedImmune (tbc)
  • Jane Rhodes – Executive Director, Business Development & Strategic Alliances, Forma Therapeutics (tbc)